Dominican-American Comedians' "Vote Right" Video Urges Latinos to Vote, Threatens an LMFAO Presidency

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In some ways, "Vote Right," the video from New York City comedians Juan Bago and O, looks a lot like the last presidential debate. In the parody of Chief Keef's "I Don't Like," the right-wing character spouts off about supporting his own corporation -- err, his common people. The left wing character name-drops the 99 percent. And the moderator promises to get to the bottom of the real issues, like boxers vs. briefs.

But we have to admit we didn't expect a homeless Redfoo look-alike to show up at the end to win the presidency.

The video, the duo told the New York Daily News, is meant to underscore the importance of the Latino vote in the presidential election: "We hope it sparks something and makes people aware of how important it is to vote." But preventing the return of LMFAO is a platform big enough for all ethnicities to stand on.

Check out the video after the jump.

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