What's Up With All the Themed 5K Races Coming to Miami?

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Courtesy of Color Me Rad
Unless you've been living under a rock (or in a post-zombie-apocalypse bunker), you've undoubtedly noticed the exponential increase in the number of themed 5Ks coming to Miami.

We've got the Awesome 80's Run, Run For Your Lives, the Glow Run, Color Me Rad and a whole host of others. But here in Miami, this trend is a relatively new development. Charity 5Ks have been around a lot longer.

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Races like these have popped up in other cities around the country for the past couple years, but 2012 seems to be Miami's year of the 5K. But why now -- and how do these 5K compare to traditional 5Ks?

Color Me Rad is a themed 5K coming to Sun Life Stadium in early 2013. Inspired by the Holi Festival in India, runners get bombarded with colored cornstarch, leaving them looking like a rainbow at the race's end. Registrations for the run cost $30 (and up, depending on date of registration). The race is all about color, fun and straight up silliness.

Gretchen Willard, director of PR for Color Me Rad, says the run's charity partner (in this case, the Dolphins Foundation) gets a percentage of proceeds. While she didn't identify exactly what the percentage is (it varies), she said the charities typically make around $15,000 per race. How much profit the organization itself makes is more of a mystery. It is a business, and run as such.

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Courtesy of Color Me Rad
Willard said she thinks themed runs are increasing in popularity for a whole host of reasons, one of which is that people (boys and girls) just wanna have fun.

"People are just ready to have a good time. There's so much in life that you have to be serious or you have to be responsible. This is a chance to just to get your color on and let your hair down and have a good time. And I think people like doing these races with their friends or family, it's the social aspect that I think makes these themed runs successful," Willard says.

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@hannahalexs @cultistmiami For softies who need to be distracted in order to run 3.12 miles ;)


@MiamiNewTimes @cultistmiami Holi not holy

Alex Wall
Alex Wall

The Zombie run is actually a clever marketing ploy. Warrior Wear, a company that makes sporting apparel, created the run as a means to draw more attention to their products. Their logic was, people like to run, but people LOVE zombies. It worked. Voila.

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