Iron Man 3: Robert Downey Jr., Don Cheadle, and Guy Pearce On Location in Miami

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Hannah Sentenac
Iron Man and his entourage have landed in Miami, swanky cast trailers, police presence and all. The crew of the superhero's third installment set up camp at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens yesterday, their trucks, trailers and equipment occupying the nearby Miami Science Museum parking lot.

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Nondescript white vans shuttled back and forth between Vizcaya and MiaSci, although most appeared empty. One van driver told us Robert Downey Jr. and Don Cheadle were on site, filming in an inaccessible section of the garden.

Hannah Sentenac
We did spot Guy Pearce, looking unusually blonde, strolling out of the Vizcaya parking lot with an assortment of crew members.

We were also told that Downey Jr. had a badass black trailer on site, but alas, it was behind MiaSci's gates and not visible to our prying eyes.

Cops and security guards were strategically placed at both locations, as well as on South Miami Ave itself. Crew member food tents were set up behind Vizcaya's parking area.

Hannah Sentenac
While the plot of the third film is still unknown, IMDB reports, "Rumor has it Tony Stark/Iron Man will head to China to face his toughest opponent, Mandarin." Filming began in Wilmington, North Carolina; here in South Florida, the group is scheduled to shoot scenes in Broward County and Miami Beach.

E! Online released shots of Iron Man's new suit, and Perez Hilton has shots of Downey Jr. working the crowd at a fake "Neptune's" restaurant in Miami.

Now if only we knew where he was hanging out after final take.

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Luisy VWater
Luisy VWater

Wooow so that's what it is! I passed by and saw a bunch of trucks and tents

Pau Lina
Pau Lina

Convers we must make this happen


@enmoor2 Awwww, you shoulda been by yesterday! Tons of action, although most of it was hidden in the recesses of Vizcaya.

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