Free Events This Week: NFL Football, The Nightcap, Rina Yoga

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The weekend is over, and that sucks. You probably spent way too much, didn't clean your apartment (again), and wasted at least half a day on a hangover.

But if you've got a cliched case of the Mondays, buck up. There are lots of things to look forward to this week. Cooler temperatures are just around the corner, Halloween candy is on store shelves, and we've got your fill of free stuff to do. Life isn't all bad.

marciofleury, Flickr CC


  • Monday Night Football at Cinebistro: Dolphin Mall's luxe dinner theater is showing the Houston Texans vs. the New York Jets on the biggest of big screens. Go stake out some leather chairs and watch our rivals crash and burn, in style.


  • The Nightcap at Duffy's Tavern: Seat yourself in the background as FOX films their late night talk show that's all about undiscovered talent. Maybe you'll be snatched up for your epic beer-drinking skills. Who knows.

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