Miami's Tatu Baby on Ink Master, Making Mistakes, and Asshole Tattoos

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Courtesy of Spike TV

Tattoos are sexy. Particularly when done by a skilled seductress who hails from our hometown. Meet Tatu Baby (AKA Katherine Flores), a Miami native and contestant on season two of Spike TV's reality hit, Ink Master.

One of only three women in a lineup of 16 contestants, Tatu Baby had to hold her own against top talent while fighting for a $100,000 cash prize. The show, judged by Dave Navarro of Jane's Addiction, Chris Nunez of Miami Ink and Oliver Peck of Elm Street Tattoo, pits artists against each other in a series of tattoo challenges. Forced to create original ink on command, the stakes are pretty high.

Tatu Baby has been tattooing professionally since she was 19, and got her first ink at 14. These days, she's a full blown canvas of original art, and spends her time inking up South Floridians. While she couldn't reveal much about the show's secrets (season two premieres on October 10), Cultist got the skinny from Kat on creativity, making permanent mistakes and the asshole tat "trend."

Courtesy of Spike TV
Tatu Baby

Cultist: So how did you get cast on Ink Masters?
Tatu Baby: I heard that there was a casting, and I had seen parts of season one, so I decided to go ahead and apply. I sent my work and they wrote back to me and seemed interested, and it went on from there. I was pretty excited. It's a great opportunity to be on the show, especially for my career.

What's the most difficult tattoo you've ever had to do?
I would say tattoos on the front of the neck are always difficult, just because it's such a hard tattoo position. I've done a lot of those already. Also, what I find the most difficult are things I don't understand like the Japanese style of tattooing. That's something that has a lot of traditions and rules to it, so I find it difficult to understand a lot of it.

Any tattoos you've refused to do?
The only time I've ever refused to do a tattoo was for a guy who was just really, really drunk.

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I love your work!!! Would love to get a tattoo by you


She rocks .....Did my Black Widow on my wrist back in the days......Instagram: Brickell305....Hope she wins !!!!!

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