Gallery Girls' Angela Pham on Art Basel, Miami Stereotypes, and Liz and Amy's "Blonde Drama"

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Tonight, we say goodbye to Gallery Girls. It's show we love to hate to secretly really love. (If our alma mater finds out we're fans, we're pretty sure they'll take back our diploma.)

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For us, the show, featuring seven art-loving ladies trying to conquer New York City's creative side, was all about Miami girls Amy Poliakoff and Liz Margulies. But Angela Pham -- she of the bird-inspired couture, the iPhone snobbery, and the pop-up gallery at Cafeina during Art Basel last year -- is in close contention for the title of Most Entertaining Gallery Girl, Non-Miami Division.

When we called her up, she was quick to divulge her thoughts on everything from the Miami art scene to why she thinks Magic City girls are a bunch of spoiled brats.

Cultist: We just saw you ladies take Miami. What do you think of our town?
Angela Pham: I love it. I had that idea of what Miami was and it actually surpassed it. It's so different than New York. I am actually from California and they don't even compare. Vibrant colors; I mean, I just love it there.

Well, the real question is, did you ladies have fun?
It's hard for me not to have fun there. I usually always go down for Basel and just came down for South Beach Food and Wine Festival. I mean, you cant not have fun in Miami during those times. It's the perfect excuse to get out of New York.

Art Basel: Love it or Leave It?
I don't think I can name one artist that I saw. Art Basel to me is less about art and more about the jetsetter lifestyle. I mean, I don't go for the art. I have been going for the last two years for the parties. It's the place to be.

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