Girls Gone Wild Founder Joe Francis and Real Housewives' Joanna Krupa: A Bravo Blowjob Controversy (Video)

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Girls Gone Wild founder and professional sleazeball Joe Francis makes an appearance on this week's episode of Real Housewives of Miami, because when he's not filming drunk chicks getting naked or evading taxes, he likes to put on his socialite blazer (with no shirt underneath) and mingle with Lea Black's crew. And sadly, he does a lot more damage than just greasing up the place with his unctious personality.

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In a conversation with Karent Sierra, Francis smugly claims that he had sex with both fellow Housewife Joanna Krupa and her sister Marta, who also appears on the show. Classy as always, especially for a guy who once called the Real Housewives of Miami cast a bunch of "train wrecks."

Francis -- who, seriously guy, put on a shirt -- listens politely to Marysol talking about whether Joanna will yell at her for wearing fur. Then, in a total non-sequitur clearly indicating he was just waiting for these old ladies to stop talking so he could redirect the spotlight, he notes that he and Joanna used to date. And that he and Marta used to date.

Ever-smiling Karent confirms that they had sex, because that's obviously everyone's business. And then she drags Francis over to Joanna to let her know what's going on. Stay classy, Miami!

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