The Glow Run 5K: Rave Culture on the Run Coming to Miami Beach

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Courtesy of the Glow Run 5K
When it comes to 5Ks, Miami's got plenty: mud runs, color runs, zombie runs. But none of them have embraced the EDM scene that's helped fund Miami's economy over the years. Until now.

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Meet the Glow Run 5K, a running rave complete with black lights, glow sticks, and techno beats.

Runners decked out in all-things-luminescent will hightail it through 3.1 miles of black light zones, spinning DJs, and finally, a finish line featuring a glowing chute and arch.

The run itself is "very casual for people that want to run casually, and competitive for those that want to run competitively. It's something for everybody," says Steve Blew, Glow Run event director. Scheduled for November 3, the Miami Beach race route will start and finish in Lummus Park.

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Courtesy of the Glow Run 5K
The glow-happy masses can sign up as individuals or as part of a team, which is made up of four or more runners. As part of entry, runners will score a glow-in-the-dark Finisher's Medal, a t-shirt, glow swag (sticks, bracelets, etc.) and admittance to the post-race party.

So what kind of glow gear goes? "We've seen people in entire outfits made of glow sticks - shirts made out of glow sticks, glowing mohawks -- just about anything you can think of. Runners have broken up glow sticks and thrown that stuff all over themselves, although I wouldn't really recommend that," Blew says.

Expect a lot of neon. Think 1992.

"We also generally have face painters on hand. Before the race they paint people's faces up with reflective paints, so when they go under the black lights their faces light up."

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Lummus Park South Beach

10th St. and Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL

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