Goodbye, Gallery Girls: Amy's Redemption and the Mystery of the Missing Liz

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Terrifying, elfin Chantal, I think I'll miss you most of all.
Oh, Gallery Girls. We hardly knew ye. In just eight episodes, you wowed us with your hipsterness, entertained us with your twisty mouths and your bird couture, and annoyed us with your French press coffee and your senses of entitlement.

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But did we really know you at all? Last night's finale suggests we did not.

Previously, on Gallery Girls: All of these crazy hilarious things.

Hey, y'know what I'm not going to miss about this show? Its theme music.

For one final, bittersweet time, we fake lomography our way into coffee with Maggie and Amy, and already this is too weird. Have we seen Maggie speak to Amy ever? It's the two ends of the Gallery Girls spectrum -- the most and least emotive people on the show -- in the same place, and acting civil to each other, and I think maybe the Mayans were right about 2012.

Maggie apologizes for being cold to Amy. Apocalypse confirmed.

Over at EOC, Claudia's increasingly frustrated with her business partners. They are once again discussing money (yawn), and Claudia finally stands up for herself. Badass Claudia's back! But then there's a weepy confessional from her immediately following -- "I thought they were my friends!" -- and I thought it was just a fluke. Little did I know what was coming.

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Will it be back? Will they be shooting at Basel this year?


I was not at all impressed with Claudia as "Gallery Director," or as business woman for that matter She didn't have the savvy to get the job done. Chantal, however snarky as she was was actually the go-getter in terms of bringing business into EOC. I'm glad Amy got a job. As for Maggie, she needs to be less passive and figure out what she wants.

Maybe next season Bravo could do "Gallery Guys" They could feature The Sucklord. Incidentally, the Sucklord episode was the best in this 8 part series!


Loved this show - sad it's over.

A few things:

1) Didn't I hear Claudia telling Angela that she thought Chantal was lying about being sick in Paris? Angela even asked her if that's what she was saying and she said yes. Then when Chantal asked her about it, she said she never said that. I think she's the pathological liar.

2) Maggie didn't 'show up for work' -  for the usual sadistic Bravo reasons, Mr Bernaducci or whatever his name is called and asked her to come into the gallery which made her think she had the job, but it was tell her she didn't get the job and why. And then she could see Amy at the front desk as the final kick in the teeth. Not that she should've gotten the job - for someone who wanted to work in the art world, she seemed to have no interest in art or working with people. Maybe it was just the editing.

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