Here Comes the Boom: Kevin James' UFC-Education-Immigration Comedy Foreshadows a Dark Republican Future

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Tracy Bennett
Kevin James in Here Comes the Boom
Whence comes the boom? Here, here comes the boom. This and other great existential questions of our time are at last answered in Kevin James's new mixed martial arts comedy, the appropriately titled Here Comes the Boom.

Other questions may vault from the mind like so many lumps on a concussed lunk's skull. What's it about? And why? You're on your own for the latter, but as for the former:

James plays Scott Voss, a negligent and uninterested teacher at a failing public high school. When the student orchestra program is defunded, Voss begins moonlighting as a mixed martial arts fighter to pay its bills, while also courting a beautiful nurse (Salma Hayek) though persistent workplace sexual harassment.

Henry Winkler plays the orchestra's prissy conductor and the cast is rounded out by reigning luminaries of MMA, identifiable in that they are the only people on screen other than James who do not appear on loan from a mouthwash commercial.

Ours is not to ask why MMA fighting is Scott's solution to a problem for which there is no evidence he'd even care to solve (other than that Germany is clamoring for another Kevin James film and English isn't necessary to understand a shirtless fat man getting kicked in the face). Unlikely as a solution as it is, Scott laments, "This wasn't plan A but I don't know what else to do." Except that it absolutely was plan A; at no point does he consider any solution other than having the stuffing knocked out of him by a succession of increasingly tattooed pain machines.

And there were options. The orchestra sounds far better than what most underfunded high school programs could produce and is nearly indistinguishable from the professional orchestra that soundtracks the movie. The students could have hired out their services to score inspirational sports comedies, for example. Or, Scott could have done an independent assessment of the school budget to see what other adjustments could be made. This, however, may have been too similar to the plot of the next Tyler Perry film.

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