Smash and Grab Your Own Masterpiece at Locust Projects' 10th Annual Art Raffle

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Amanda Serrano
You don't often think of the Design District, home base for Miami's creatives, as a tame neighborhood. But last weekend, people settled into a quiet evening of artistic appreciation at Locust Projects. In preparation for its upcoming raffles and prizes, the group debuted a little taste of what's to come for their 10th annual Smash and Grab.

The non-profit's most valuable source of funding, Smash and Grab will feature the works of more than 115 artists who have donated their pieces for the benefit, which funds Locust's season programming and exhibitions. Every raffle ticket purchased is guaranteed a piece of art. Tickets will be drawn at random and attendees will rush the pieces to pick their prizes as numbers are called so everyone goes home with a little something.

"When your name is chosen, you're given a name tag, and you run up to any artwork that you want and claim it.You don't know if you're going to be picked first or last, but because everyone's tastes are so different it really does work out so that most of the time people are going home with almost their top ten," said executive director Chana Sheldon.

The preview show started promptly on Friday, barely a dent in 6 p.m. and people were already strolling into Locust's lofty, recently acquired new exhibition space. Guests coupled risotto with wine and other fancy hors d'oeuvres (Locust always knows how to keep it classy) as they took in the preview pieces.

"There are works on paper, photography, sculpture, there are video's kind of something for everyone in that way," Sheldon said.

Work by artists from all walks in their respective careers hung from ceiling, to walls, to floor pieces provoking some serious thought. We did not expect to see artist A.G. Viva on a crucifix being hauled around the Design District on the back of a tow truck, but we did. Another work featured two hands recreating the motion of a heartbeat by Antonia Wright and Ruben Millares. These are just a few of the video installation pieces up for grabs at the upcoming event.

Notable work appearances by Agustina Woodgate, Emmett Moore, Carlos Betancourt, Jillian Mayer, Karl Haendel, and numerous other talented individuals can be won with a little bit of luck.

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