Photographer Marc Lagrange Pops America's Cherry With Erotic Nude Solo Show (NSFW Photos)

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Marc Lagrange
Millionaire Woman 
Altars have been built; entire  wars have been waged; and pages upon pages of lovers' thoughts have been written, all in tribute to the female form.

And that means that Antwerp, Belgium-based photographer Marc Lagrange is in good company. He's dedicated himself to exposing our eyes and desires to the curvature of a woman.

Lagrange will display his work in a solo exhibit held at LMNT Arts Gallery in the heart of Wynwood. The event, hosted by NAC Gallery, is a landmark for both Lagrange and Miami -- it will be the first solo show in America for the internationally iconic European fashion and art photographer.

Since the '80s, Lagrange has used photography as a medium to seduce. His subjects of choice are the femme fatale and the muse, paired with themes of eroticism and intimacy. In an industry where sex sells and art sometimes takes a backseat, Lagrange's manipulation of sensuality sets him apart from other photographers.

"It's fine art nude. It has a higher fashion influence and element to it," Vincent Harrison, co-founder of NAC Gallery, said of Lagrange's style.

Marc Lagrange
Black Orchid

After being introduced to Lagrange's work in Bridgehampton, New York, Harrison felt it was time to bring his unique talent to Miami.

"In Europe, they're very free, so nudity on TV, movies [and] commercials is normal and nudity in photography is not a big deal. [In America] it is, but Miami being such an international city and such a sexy seems like a perfect place to launch it," Harrison said.

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@MiamiNewTimes @CultistMiami @LMNTArts i like erotic art


@MiamiNewTimes @cultistmiami @lmntarts @Giovanti26 great work!! Will catch it this weekend..

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