Pin-Up Legend Bunny Yeager on Posing Nude, Bettie Page and Photoshopping (Photos, NSFW)

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© Bunny Yeager, Bunny Yeager's Darkroom, 2012.
The photography of pin-up legend Bunny Yeager harkens back to an era before Photoshop, when breasts were real, women had curves, and sex appeal reigned supreme.

Her newest book, Bunny Yeager's Darkroom (penned by Petra Mason), features more than 250 snapshots from her lengthy career. 

As a photographer, she broke into a classically male-dominated field and despite shedding her clothes for the camera, always knew how to keep it classy. Her nude self-portraits and shots of classic beauties like Bettie Page earned her national renown.

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And years later, she's still making women look sexy. At 83, she just signed a contract to create her own line with Bruno Banani, a German lingerie and bikini designer.

Bunny's stopping by the Books & Books locations in Coral Gables on October 24 and in Bal Harbour on October 25 to sign copies and answer questions, so Cultist caught up with her while she was in interview mode. The living legend spoke to us about nudity, Photoshop and the iconic Bettie Page.

Cultist: How did you originally get started taking pictures?
Bunny Yeager: I wanted to take some nude pictures of myself but I didn't have any way to take them. I'd never posed in the nude so I couldn't ask anyone, and I couldn't do it at home before I got married because I didn't have any privacy. Right after I got married I had some private time and that's when I took them. I just wanted to see what I looked like. I thought it might be nice to remember how I looked at that age. I've seen some of my models who had children, their figures fell apart and they never were the same.

That was the only time I did it until I started to do the book called How I Photographed Myself. I thought it was time to show the world. I didn't want to pose this way for a man, I didn't want to go into that whole business. I am a photographer and a model, I didn't want to get everything mixed up, I wanted to keep my photography separate. I had a purpose. I decided to make this book and get it published and it would show me the way I wanted to be seen. I didn't have to rely on some photographer taking my pictures and worrying how it would turn out. Most of the time when models pose for pictures of any kind they never get a chance to even see them. I got tired of not knowing what I really looked like. If I knew what I looked like I could look a little better. I could use it to see my flaws and learn how to correct them.

© Bunny Yeager, Bunny Yeager's Darkroom, 2012.

How did your friends and family react to some of your more "risqué" photos?
I didn't show it to them. I didn't show it to anybody, I didn't want my family to see it. If they had discovered it I would have explained everything, but my mom and dad were old fashioned and they wouldn't understand why I would do such a thing. I think my mother saw them in a later time when she was very old. My father never saw them I don't believe.

I wasn't showing them to my friends either. I had a book published and it was hard cover and it was distributed all over the world. I had no control over who saw it and didn't see it.

What makes a great model?
Well a great model is one who doesn't look overweight but she doesn't look skinny. If you look at her and you say, oh I can see her ribs or her hipbones sticking out, or she's just fat so you can't see the curves to her body - you don't want either one of those problems. In between there there's something closer to perfection. But who's to say what figure is perfect? Some people like girls with petite bosoms, and some people won't photograph a girl unless shes a 40D+. I've never been one to do that. I never thought it was a good idea to focus on girls for that reason. I tried to find natural symmetry in the body and good looks in the face.

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