Pin-Up Legend Bunny Yeager on Posing Nude, Bettie Page and Photoshopping (Photos, NSFW)

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Do you have any favorites among the models you've shot?
There are several. Everybody's heard of Bettie Page. I'm one of the few professional photographers who got to photograph her. Although she had posed for hundreds, maybe thousands of photographers, but most of the photographers she posed for were amateurs. I didn't know those stories until after. I was just lucky that she decided to come to Florida on a short vacation and we ran into each other at the right place. People told me she was in town and wanted to pose for me because she had heard about me. I had a small studio at at that time that I rented with two other photographers, so that's where I first shot Bettie.
Another favorite was Maria Stinger, she looked like Marilyn Monroe. She became a good friend - she and her husband became close with myself and my husband. It was fun going out nightclubbing. We made such a good looking group. They'd give us a table right up front because we all looked so show business-like. Maria would always wear low-cut tight satin dresses when she went out at night. I didn't go overboard to look too sexy but I always dressed where my clothes fit me very tight and low cut.

What do you think about today's photographers Photoshopping their work?
Well I don't know too much about it because I haven't used it. People have told me how they use it but I can't imagine myself wanting to because I'm so used to trying to make the pictures as perfect as I can to begin with. I only submit the ones that look the best, I don't submit everything I shoot. One always stands out for the way the model looks or the location or both. I tend to go for the overall effect that I get in each one of my photographs.

So I hear you you have a bikini line coming out?
It's already come out, they're taking orders for it now. They tell me it's doing very well. I have some beautiful color sketches here -- they've gotten that far. They've printed up brochures, they're selling wholesale. You'll be seeing them next season.

Do you have any favorite shots from your new book?
There's too many. I can't begin to think of what I would say are my favorite shots, because it's too thick. It just has everything and the layout artist went crazy. They wanted to put in as much as they could. Its nice, it's a heavy book, hardcover. I'm proud of it. I've probably done at least 25 or 30 books so I don't think about them too much. When the plan comes to do one I do it. I get it out of the way like an ordinary job.

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