Red Bull Flugtag: Meet Your Miami Teams

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The scene at Miami's last Flugtag in 2010.
It's a bird!

It's a plane!

It's ... uh ... no, seriously, what is that thing? Because whatever it is, it's is definitely not flying. It's nose-diving straight into the waters off Bayfront Park, in fact, all while the people in crazy costumes who were driving it are dancing on the platform above - or cannonballing into the surf along with their handmade contraption.

Whatever it is, it must be Red Bull Flugtag.

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The zany flying contest returns to Miami Saturday, bringing with it 34 teams who hope to test their DIY airplanes, floats, and random wacky traveling vessels against the forces of gravity, physics, and what should have been their better judgment. This year, ten Miami teams will hurl themselves and their incredible falling machines off the platform -- and some have pretty impressive qualifications, including engineering and aviation credentials, and even the notoriety that comes with running a bar for a full century. Check 'em out, along with their own sketches of their "aircraft," after the jump.

Team $2.50
$2.50 is comprised of a professor and his students, all from the Art Institute of Miami. These are some very hip art students, as you can tell from their aircraft design, which was inspired by a mustache. But they're not too hip to hint that their pre-flight skit will be based on "Gangnam Style." One hopes that their team name was not derived from the amount spent on building materials.

Chance of winning: Half in half. These are artists, not scientists -- but the aerodynamic nature of the mustache is well known.

Angry Flamingos
Los Flamingos Enojados are also students, hailing from FIU and aiming for the People's Choice award. "What could be funnier than grown men dressed in pink costumes on stage?" they reason.

Chance of winning: Unlikely. The Flamingocraft looks front-heavy, and we're pretty sure there are many things funnier than dudes wearing pink. Sorry, guys.

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Bayfront Park

301 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

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Tobacco Road
Tobacco Road

UM… HOLLLLLD UP… @Ciara LaVelle & Cultist "Chance of winning: none whatsoever" WTF??? We accept your challenge and will delightfully make you eat your words!

Tobacco Road
Tobacco Road

Not to be cocky, but just a fare warning for our 29 competitors, don't bother ;-) Okay, come one, come all! But Team 5 is still going to win! Check out a sneak peak of our plane Tobacco Road pep rally Thursday night, post party Saturday night!

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