Salma Hayek Dishes Dating Advice for Creeps, Talks Romney Education Cuts

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Tracy Bennett
Hayek stars in Here Comes the Boom.
Salma Hayek's new film, the Kevin James comedy Here Comes the Boom, is about mixed martial arts, something she told reporters she only "vaguely knew it sort of existed," before shooting the film.

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As one of the world's great beauties, however, one thing she does know about is getting hit on by creeps. In the film, Kevin James's creepy biology teacher is able to win over her character through persistence and good deeds. That sounded hard to us, so we asked Hayek how else a creep can snag a desirable woman.

"That depends on the woman," she said. "If you are persistent and you are a good person and she doesn't see it, she's not worth your efforts. Move onto the next one."

But what if you're not persistent and not a good person?

"You know, again, it depends on the woman. Maybe she might like you all the more because you're not a good person and don't pay attention to her. But again, you get what you deserve. Maybe that's the kind of woman you want, too."

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Nobody should listen to this idiotic woman because Hayek married a deadbeat dad pig who neglected his own son for several years. If Hayek wants everyone to think that she cares about the well-being of children, then her former teacher, all reporters, her fellow actors and everyone else should tell her to divorce the pig that Hayek married. Hayek's husband is one of the biggest creeps on this planet.

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