Rock Of Ages at Arsht Center: The Audience's Best Rock 'N Roll Costumes

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Yours truly and New Times writer, Laine Doss.

When Def Leppard, Poison, and Styx wrote our favorite killer jams of the 80s, they probably hadn't an idea that, 30 years down the line, they'd be a part of one of Broadway's biggest rock/jukebox musicals to ever be performed.

The Rock of Ages cast jammed to a full house of glam metal music lovers at their opening night at the Adrienne Arsht Center last night. VIP ticket holders were strongly encouraged to "dress the part" so they could be a part of the show.

Naturally, Cultist insisted on making its cameo (there was a biggest hair contest, can you blame us?). And while we didn't make it on stage (neither did anyone else,) the hair band rock patrons who did glam up left quite the lasting impression on us.

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When she woke up this morning, the only thing on her mind was the marriage of neon and black.

Rock of Ages Miami_4.JPG
An AC/DC fan and his shiny red spandex-lovin' gal pose right before the show started.

Rock of Ages Miami_6.JPG
This guy offered to get up from his chair to take his photo, but we insisted he looked too cool sitting down.

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Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts

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You were AWESOME! Keep on rockin' -Alex

Rosemarie Moore Banich
Rosemarie Moore Banich

From the winner of the big hair contest: you looked awesome too! Thanks for the great coverage of this fun event!


@MiamiNewTimes @cultistmiami @arshtcenter @rockofages I'm going to see the show in 2 hours! Can't wait!

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