The Real Housewives of Miami, Episode Six: Mama Elsa Becomes a Killer

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Last night's Real Housewives of Miami began with Karent Sierra desperately trying to walk a red carpet, Elaine Lancaster in full drag, and Elsa Patton boozing it up. 

So yeah, it's pretty much ON. 

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First, Elaine sits down with her cocktail looking to have some casual chit chat. Mama Elsa gives her a killer look of death. No, seriously. A part of our soul died inside just watching it. After Elsa casually verbally assaults Miss Elaine, she informs her that talking is not on the agenda -- just her pocketbook hitting a drag queen's face.

Meanwhile, Lea Black does what she does best: be a little bitch. "I just said he needed a green card. I was just kidding!" Remember the days when Paris Hilton tried to franchise the phrase "That's hot!" Well, the words "Just" and "kidding" are probably currently on Lea's lawyer husband's desk to become no one's but hers.

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