Tom Wolfe Parties at the Columbus Day Regatta (Video)

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Tom Wolfe Gets Back to Blood

A small motorboat meandered through the Columbus Day Regatta, carrying just a driver, a cameraman, and a frail-looking 80-year-old man in an impeccable white suit. If, between swilling daiquiris and cannonballing into the sea, revelers on other boats noticed the strangely dressed octogenarian, they probably assumed he was just a standard-issue Miami weirdo, out to scope some drunken nip slips or round up a few women to share his table at a lesser-known nightclub later that evening.

But this wasn't just any weirdo. This was Tom Wolfe.

The influential journalist and author of books such as The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test and The Bonfire of the Vanities was in town to research his latest project, Back to Blood, a novel set in Miami and addressing some very Miami topics like immigration, hedonism, wealth, and class. Miami Herald reporter Oscar Corral, who in 2003 had interviewed the writer for a profile of former Miami police Chief John Timoney, wrote to Wolfe in 2008 to offer to be his ìfixer,î a research concierge who could help connect the writer with his subject matter. To Corral's shock, Wolfe called him directly and accepted him as his tour guide.

Tom Wolfe Gets Back to Blood, Corral's film about introducing Wolfe to Miami, opens at O Cinema this weekend. Watch an exclusive clip.

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From the photo at the top of the story, it is obvious that Mr. Wolfe was observing celebrants of "Columbus Day Weekend" at Elliott Key, not the "Columbus Day Regatta (TM)."  (There is actually one sailboat in the photo, a head boat that carries partiers down to Elliott Key.)  The Regatta has not ended Saturday's race within Biscayne National Park since 2007.   Beginning in 2008, the finish line has been at Black Ledge, about 7 miles north of Elliott Key and closer to Miami than Elliott.    If Mr. Wolfe is reporting on activities on a sailboat flying the Columbus Day Regatta burgee from the starboard spreader and a class flag from the backstay, which activities usually remind one of Ozzie and Harriett, he should have at it.   If instead he is enthralled by the topless pneumatic cuties gracing the power boats, he is reporting on the wrong event.    It's sort of like a hypernoxious TV promo, the subject of which is an auto accident on the Turnpike at 4 P.M. on a Sunday afternoon game day, "Man Killed During Dolphins Game!!!! Details at 11!!!!"   I do not know but suspect that Film Maker Corral is as clueless as to the difference between the two Biscayne Bay events as Mr. Wolfe appears to be.

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