LegalArt Relaunches as Cannonball, Celebrates Its Tenth Anniversary

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Cannonball DJ Lolo.jpg
Lolo Reskin of Sweat Records was DJing throughout the night. Naturally, the first song she played after the announcement of the new name was the Breeders' "Divine Hammer." Or maybe it was "Cannoball." Not sure...there were a lot of free St. Germain slush drinks made with liquid nitrogen by Kryogenifex.

Cannonball liquid nitrogen.jpg
You can tell this woman is a professional because no matter how many times we asked, she wouldn't freeze any of the different things we brought her, not even the killer robot sent back from the future to kill John Connor. Whose side are you on, lady?

Cannonball silent auction 1.jpg
One of the highlights of the party was the silent auction. According to Jessica, who attended to auction participants' questions, the greatest interest was in the Art Basel-related VIP packages and the artist experiences, such as the one above with New Times Mastermind Award winner Jillian Mayer.

Other experiences available included a frolic and picnic with Art Basel-bound Agustina Woodgate and "a fiery night of BBQ and beer" with George Sanchez Calderon. The Jillian Mayer lot was obviously the item of choice for the most troubled of Cannonballers. But another Mastermind Award winner, Christy Gast, was only offering a studio visit and lunch. Perhaps this was the pick for well-adjusted art lovers?

Jessica believed it was more likely that those bidding on the Gast lot would be attempting to outrun their demons rather than face them. A strange twist: when the auction closed, it appeared that the same person had won both the Gast and Mayer auctions, suggesting a tortured soul, indeed.

Cannonball silent auction 2.jpg
Here are a few more of the lots up for bid. That thing on the left is a necklace, not a cod piece, but that orange contraption is most definitely a pair of handknit hot pants. Even so, the hot pants were worn later as a necklace by some spirited Cannonballers. Artists: seeing the world in such different ways!

Cannonball moustache guy.jpg
It was a diverse crowd with nearly as much on their minds as on their lips.

Cannonball movember.jpg
And there was this guy, who has been owning Movember even since back when it was still called Novembstache.

Cannonball hush puppies.jpg
But in the end, what brought everyone together was a shared love and concern for one of Miami's most vital yet fleeting resources: hush puppies!

Cannonball will soon be launching a new website but for now, you can still keep up with them at

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