Aholsniffsglue Fills Gregg Shienbaum's "Fancy Gallery" With Freaky Stuffed Plushies

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Ahol at his headquarters
You're going to need a 10-gallon bucket of colada and at least three pallets of cocaine to keep up with Aholsniffsglue's Art Basel Week. He's launching a show called "Snipers" at the Gregg Shienbaum Gallery in the heart of Wynwood. The show opens November 29, and features tons of peluches, plush, hand sewn toys emblazoned with graphics made entirely on a cell phone, and assembled in an iconographic language of meticulously disassembled, and repurposed images from the city of Miami streets he represents. (In other words, he takes pictures of funny shit he sees, and "fotochops" it).

"I like the name Snipers cause it's a cool, concise name. It felt right. I'm taking this glassed in room in the gallery and making it into like a creepy arcade/club. It's like when you used to go to Blockbuster with your parents, it would be all bright and nice, but then you can also walk through these curtains into the creep spot, full of porno. So I'm making a creep haven full of sounds and jams from the Ghost Of Jose El Rey, and unreleased tracks from his archives."

"Peluches is a Spanish or Cuban word for plushies. It's what you would call a stuffed toy. I try not to do a regular shape on these. Some are harder to make, but they all have their own character. I'm not somebody who sews, so I try to embrace the fuckups. Once you accept it, it becomes character."

"See, because it's rough, I call it Fotochopping instead of Photoshopping. I have friends who are actual graphic designers, and they're like 'what you're doing isn't right.' They don't realize it's all on the go, that some of them are made between two bus stops. That I'm just having fun. I try to make them clever, and some of them are gems."


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Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art

2239 NW 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

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