Chris Bosh Objects to Borscht Film Festival's Adventures of Chris Bosh Film UPDATED

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"ALL LIFE IS REAL." It's the slogan for Bleeding Palm's film Adventures of Chris Bosh in the Multiverse, which was scheduled to screen during the lead-up to Borscht 8 next month.

But it looks like Bosh himself has his own motto: "My life is off limits." Borscht Film Festival posted a cease-and-desist letter on Facebook last night, apparently sent from Bosh's lawyers warning that the film, and the "Bosh Film Festival" event in which it's scheduled to screen, constitutes "an infringement of [Bosh's] publicity rights, privacy rights, and common law trademark rights."

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Citing websites like Borscht Corp's own and the Arsht Center site, as well as a blog post about Adventures at Huffington Post (but not our own story about the film -- what, doesn't Bosh read New Times?), the letter claims that because Bleeding Palm and Borscht have "not been granted any right whatsoever to use the Identity of Mr. Bosh," benefiting commercially from his name or image is illegal.

It also asks for a "full accounting" of money raised by the festival from ticket sales so far: "Upon our receipt of such accounting, we will ascertain the appropriate amount owed by you to Mr. Bosh for your unauthorized use of Mr. Bosh's identity."

The people at Borscht don't seem too concerned, though, tweeting the following "enhanced" image of the letter itself at Bosh himself and asking, "Y U MAD BRO?"


UPDATE: Bleeding Palm has offered his response to the cease and desist letter.

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Alex Anico
Alex Anico

Uhh what do you expect?? If you didn't get his permission before hand that's only your fault. Regardless of whether the cartoon is good or bad, it's his own image and you can't hate on Bosh for that. Should've asked him before releasing it.


I wouldn't mind seeing them get the pants sued off'em. They've been exploiting celebrity brands since their first year in existence when they claimed Paris Hilton would host their inaugural festival. Bosh is now another unwilling celebrity headliner. They'll sell tickets (yes you must PAY to get into the Borscht festival- read the facebook event) exploit a local celebrity's image (who has asked them directly to stop), not compensate him and then turn around and say they're doing something great for Miami-Dade. It's a cheap advertising gimmick that is going to make them a lot of money. And all at Bosh's expense. I doubt this is what the Knight Foundation had in mind when they gave Borscht big money to help "shape Miami's cinematic identity"

JoseDuran moderator communitymanager

@RealMiamiLove It's obvious satire, which is protected. And as a non-profit, they really don't make any money that isn't put right back into other Borscht projects. The only thing I would argue that they could possible lose would be using the name "Bosh Film Festival," which implies he has some connection to it. But Bleeding Palm's animation is protected because Bosh is a public figure and fair game for satire.


@JoseDuran Agreed. The animation is obvious satire. "Bosh Film Festival" is where they go too far, misleading and implying an immediate connection. To your other point "...they really don't make any money that isn't put right back into other Borscht projects". True, but anyone who works in the non-profit sector will tell you there is indeed money to be made. Money "put right back" includes administrative costs necessary for the continued development of the non-profit and it's programs- AKA the salary of whoever made the decision to exploit Bosh's image. And a non-profit employee's annual salary can grow based on the success of the previous year.

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