Desi Santiago's Giant Dog Installation at Lords South Beach Is Going Up Today (Photos)

Of all the large-scale, eye-catching public art coming to Miami during Art Basel week, the wackiest has got to be the giant, psychic dog set to overtake Lords South Beach hotel. The work, which we first told you about in October, is a 60-foot tall black dog figure with evil-looking laser eyes, and it'll tell the fortunes of hotel guests and passers-by.

Renderings of the project, like the one at right, looked so cartoonish that we almost didn't believe Gypsy the big black dog could exist in real life. But the installation's going up right now, and the photos Lords sent us look, well, exactly like the original plans. That is one serious hellhound.

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Check them out for yourself after the jump.

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Lords South Beach - CLOSED

1120 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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