Real Housewives of Miami's Elaine Lancaster: "Marysol Patton Doesn't Meet My Standards"

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Nicole Richie vs. Paris Hilton. Nicki Minaj vs. Mariah Carey. Donald Trump vs. Barack Obama. Mel Gibson vs. The Jewish Community. The Kardashians vs. Just About Everyone.

We have seen many great celebrity feuds in our day. Luckily for you pop culture junkies out there, now we have one going down right in our own backyard. This battle is between none other than Real Housewives of Miami's Marsyol Patton and famed drag queen, Elaine Lancaster.

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If you had asked us back in September if these gals would become enemies, we would have said absolutely not. We had just seen Elaine perform at the 10-year anniversary party for Marysol's PR firm, The Patton Group. And that queen isn't cheap; Miss Patton must have whipped out the big bucks, because we know for a fact Elaine doesn't show up for free. Maybe it's just us, but we are buddies with anyone who helps pay our bills.

But for Elaine, it goes deeper than that.

When this season began, Elaine announced to the group that the entire Patton clan was no longer in her inner circle. According to the queen herself, Marysol didn't allow her on the red carpet back in 2011. Marysol denies it. Just another case of "she said, she said."

Bravo has hinted that tonight's episode of Real Housewives features some serious drama between Marysol and Elaine. So we called them both up to get their sides of the story. Miss Lancaster in particular had plenty to say:

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Cultist: In your opinion, why is it that you and Mama Elsa don't get along?
Elaine Lancaster: I have nothing against Mrs. Patton. I am always extremely nice to everyone, especially elderly people. I wanted to be cordial with her and tried to interject some humor with Adriana asking if she was getting drunk. Then Elsa just dove right into me about something. She knew nothing about me. I remained a lady and I walked away once she threatened to physically assault me with her handbag. Respect is a two-way street, and once I see I am dealing with an irrational person, I ended up walking away. I know she was trying to defend her daughter. I was just being my usual social self until I realized she had already made up her mind about me based one side of a story.

Marysol says she has never snubbed you from a red carpet.
At the Fontainebleau in 2010, a former employer of the Patton group told me to hold up. I needed to wait while Marysol was standing by. I did as told, but I saw guest after guest being photographed. After about five minutes, I asked one more time, and then again told to wait. I turned and went into the party. This has never been about a red carpet. It is about R-E-S-P-E-C-T. It's as simple as that.

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 has @elainelancaster ever considered the person who hired @MarysolPatton told her they didn't want @elainelancaster on the red carpet, and they are just denying it to avoid the type of treatment @elainelancaster is giving @MarysolPatton. wake up and see the light @elainelancaster. @MarysolPatton is protecting her client. 


Why does @elainelancaster even give a Sh*t about @Marysolpatton who is obviously a bitter person. Anyone who would go out of their way to block an Artist from doing their Art is abysmal. Elaine is a star  and she has to know Haters are parasites who HATE. No one I've talked to has a bad thing to say about Elaine while No one has a good word about Patton. I'd like to B-tch slap her for you Elaine. #TeamElaine


Where are the celebrities again?


These are reality show retards, not celebrities.

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