Real Housewives of Miami's Elaine Lancaster: "Marysol Patton Doesn't Meet My Standards"

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Something seems to really go down at the event at Lisa Pliner's house on the episode that airs tonight. Give us your side of the story.
I am been friends with Lisa and Donald Pliner for about 19 years, and Lisa wanted me to emcee her shoe show at her Star Island home. But Marysol said to Lisa, "Why are you hiring Elaine? Don't hire her so you can save money." Again, getting in my way of work, [which is] promoting my brand and my ability to make money. Of course Marysol's excuse was, "I was just trying to help Lisa save money." "Elaine" is my job which I am passionate about and love, but it's not a hobby. I take it extremely seriously. One doesn't rise to the heights I've gotten to by dumb luck. I've worked my ass off and sacrificed a lot on so many levels, and I don't need petty people trying to get in the way of my work.

Is there hope that you and Marysol will ever be friends?
I don't ever want to say never, but I have a high prerequisite for "real" friends and she doesn't meet my standards. I have a very small circle of lifelong friends who are there for me, and I them. A friend is someone who is there in the good and bad times, who tries to diminish pain not exacerbate it.

We reached out to Marysol for her side of the story, but she offered no comment, explaining that her work schedule was too busy to address the issue. Hey, we get it. (We know what it's like to be a working girl.) But that means we'll just have to watch the drama go down tonight and judge for ourselves.

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 has @elainelancaster ever considered the person who hired @MarysolPatton told her they didn't want @elainelancaster on the red carpet, and they are just denying it to avoid the type of treatment @elainelancaster is giving @MarysolPatton. wake up and see the light @elainelancaster. @MarysolPatton is protecting her client. 


Why does @elainelancaster even give a Sh*t about @Marysolpatton who is obviously a bitter person. Anyone who would go out of their way to block an Artist from doing their Art is abysmal. Elaine is a star  and she has to know Haters are parasites who HATE. No one I've talked to has a bad thing to say about Elaine while No one has a good word about Patton. I'd like to B-tch slap her for you Elaine. #TeamElaine


Where are the celebrities again?


These are reality show retards, not celebrities.

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