Get Lucky at Bakehouse Art Complex's Annual Fundraising Raffle

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George Martinez
The scene at 2010's BAC fundraiser. Lucky you, indeed.
Smash a mirror. Step on a crack. Walk beneath a ladder and lure a stray black cat to cross your path. Don't knock wood, cross your fingers, or toss a single grain of salt over your shoulder.

Go ahead, jinx yourself as many ways as you can imagine. Then head to Lucky You! 5, the annual fundraising raffle at the Bakehouse Art Complex, where no matter what you've done, you'll likely end up a winner.

Works of art, most created by the Bakehouse's 70 artists in residence, will be up for raffle throughout the evening, meaning you can score a killer painting, sculpture, or other piece for as little as a $10 ticket. With more than 70 works up for grabs, and an expected attendance of around 400, you have a pretty decent shot at winning your favorite item -- especially if you double or triple down on those raffle tickets.

Most Lucky You! attendees won't know what to expect until they get inside the building. But we're bringing you a sneak peek of the raffle's most exciting works to whet your appetite for the party this Friday. Click through to see masterpieces that could soon be yours.

Judith Mistor

marina font, lucky u.jpg
Marina Font

Brussow, Joanna.JPG
Joanna Brussow

Gellatly.Blanda humerum.jpg
Blanda Gellatly

Marina Gonela
Even if you don't take home a modern masterpiece, you'll still have spent the night roving the Bakehouse's museum-like hallways and studios, listening to live music by Amtrac, and enjoying snacks and wine by Jordan Vineyard. And hey, if you manage to use your newfound cultural knowledge to impress a fellow appreciator of the arts, you could end up getting lucky in the traditional sense of the phrase.

Lucky You! 5 runs from 7 to 11:30pm on Friday. Tickets cost $45 in advance or $50 at the door. Call 305-573-2828 or visit

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Bakehouse Art Complex

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look at those hooker sluts in pink. swallow up ladies!


Beautiful! Art is in the eye of the it


Worst art I've ever seen.  The only way to get 'lucky' at this event is if the place burns down around you.

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