Here Are the Winners of New Times' South Florida Web Awards!

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Ian Witlen
Green Room in Downtown Fort Lauderdale had to deal with New Times shenanigans as we celebrated our first annual South Florida Web Awards Saturday night.

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Nominees from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach gathered for drinks and performances by Boxwood and Panic Bomber. We've been building up the ante for the winners for the past week or so, but this morning we're officially announcing the winners to the public.

Without further ado, here are South Florida's Web Award winners:

Best App: These days, if you can dream it, there's an app that can do it. Other than teleportation, our smartphones can tackle just about any task. And we've got all kinds of apps that are making life easier on those of us in South Florida. From food trackers to texting tools, there are some of the best on-the-go tools going.

Winner: Miami Cheap Eats
As the concentration of food trucks keeps exponentially increasing, it's harder and harder to keep track of all those meals on wheels. But have no fear - Miami Cheap Eats helps you navigate the grilled cheese, cupcake and taco landscape. And they'll help you find other wallet-friendly edibles, to boot.

Best Twitter: The world had no idea of the beast that would become from Twitter when it rolled out back in 2006. "Tell us what's going on in 140 characters or less," they said. Well, hell, we bypassed the 140 count at "character," but the point is that Twitter is just as much of a communication tool these days as talking or texting. It's the new black. #NewBlack

Winner: @PepeBillete
Typically slinging profound profanities in every direction, Pepe Billete has a cult-like following that would impress any social media expert. And that's pretty awesome -- you know, given that he's just a puppet on Youtube videos. Tio Pepe, as he's often referred to as, is the ultimate [puppet] master of Cuban spanglish, local chisme, and chusmeria. His catchphrase, "PLP" resonates anywhere you turn. Pa la pinga!

Best Instagram: Professional photography? Pssshaw. Screw SLRs. These days all you need is a cell phone cam and a few key filters, and you can stake your claim as the next Ansel Adams. These accounts represent some of South Florida's finest assortment of snazzy snapshots. Kudos to them for repping our little piece of paradise.

Winner: @giginow
Midtown's favorite spot for late night noodles and fluffy buns is a master of stocking their stream with seductive visuals. From their daily special board to pork belly and donut sammys, their stream is filled with droolworthy creations and enticing updates.

Best Music Blog: Miami's got some impressively music-minded scribes, all hard at work chronicling our city's various scenes. From EDM to punk rock, Churchill's to WLRN - Miami runs the gamut. Some bloggers stick to local talent, others embrace the broad spectrum, but all educate us on the best, brightest (and sometimes worst) sounds to seek out on Spotify.

Winner: South Florida Music Obsessed
Covering music news in Miami and beyond, the site serves as a master music portal for South Floridians. Lauren Perlstein and team offer round ups of local events and new releases, a mind-boggling number of live show reviews, ticket giveaways and everything else for the musically inclined.

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