Here's a Chihuahua Salsa Dancing to Miami Sound Machine to Ease Your Art Basel Overload

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It's about to get all avant garde up in Miami. Art Basel doesn't officially start until December 6, but the seemingly endless lineup of cultural events is already underway. Before you know it, you'll be browsing works of art, surrounded by intolerable local hipsters and even more intolerable rich, touristy art collectors. Some of them are going to have European accents. It's going to get old.

Don't get us wrong; we love Art Basel. But before you fully immerse yourself in the world of highbrow masterpieces, you might want to bookmark the video after the jump. It's a chihuahua working some seriously smooth salsa moves to the dulcet tones of Gloria Estefan, and its stupid, adorable, hypnotic qualities are guaranteed to cure even the worst cases of Basel burnout.

Enjoy, and remember: When things get too serious out there in the real world, there's always the Internet.

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