HOTBED: Local Art Students to Show Their Chops During Art Basel

HOTBED's participants are students at the New World School of the Arts
When redwing blackbirds began falling out of the sky last year, dying in staggering numbers for no discernible reason, Azizi DeSouza was moved. His video piece for HOTBED depicts the event using construction-paper cutouts in the shape of birds. From above the camera, he lets the silhouettes fall to the ground, creating his own mass death of blackbird cutouts.

Steven Marquez, who comes from a commercial photography background, plays with the viewer's sense of space. The video, which will be shown in a hotel, depicts an empty hotel room--its sterility, its sameness. No matter how lived in a hotel room is, its character never changes, Marquez said.

Jeffrey Noble, on the other hand, believes that the only constant is change. He got his start in art painting surfboards and skateboards for friends up in Melbourne Beach. He moved to Miami and quickly integrated himself into the scene, doing street art and painting murals during Art Basel. His HOTBED piece examines the similarities between particles of spray paint and particles of light. He'll record the droplets of spray paint as they hit and coat a sea of white mannequins.

And lastly there's Sebastian Duncan Portuondo, whose primary medium is stained glass. Like Noble, with whom Protuondo has worked in the past, his art is about the passage of time and the movement of particulates. In his video piece, he plans to record the process of ice melting.

These videos will be shown on a loop in the lobby of the Deauville Beach Resort Hotel, home to NADA Art Fair, and when patrons have finished their cocktails and watched the videos in public, they can resign to their rooms and rewatch the films there.


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