Lindsay Lohan Plays Elizabeth Taylor: Five Other Losers We'd Like To See Cast As Legends

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Michelle Williams was a big hit as Marilyn Monroe; she even garnered an Oscar nod. But Williams has actress acting chops unhindered by addiction and mental illness.

This Sunday, Lindsay Lohan attempts to bring Liz Taylor back to life in Liz & Dick on the Lifetime Channel. Wonder how she'll do?

There are mixed reviews so far (mostly in response to images released of Lindsay-as-Liz) and we gotta say, Lindsay does actually pull of that Liz Taylor look. We'll have to wait until Sunday to find out if she can also pull off Taylor's iconic persona.

Wondering what possessed the filmmaker to cast a hot mess like LiLo, our minds began to wander - what other debutwats should be cast as iconic Hollywood stars solely to deliver delightful train wrecks for our viewing pleasure?

Follow the jump for our list of other losers we'd like to cast as Hollywood legends.

paris audrey.jpg
5. Paris Hilton as Audrey Hepburn
We know...just the thought alone is enough to make you heave the Jamba Juice pineapple smoothie you had for breakfast. But wait - it gets worse. Picture Paris Hilton... as Holly Golightly in a remake of Breakfast at Tiffany's.

We can just hear Holly now... "Ahh... Do I detect a look of disapproval in your eye?"

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Lindsay Lohan has been entertaining us for years now with her personal life and her acting skills. Lindsay was excellent in The Parent Trap, where she had us joining her in her wish to reunite her parents. This remake of the Hayley Mills version is an excellent example of Lohan's talent. There is also Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, and other films where Lilo took over the screen every time she came on. 

Maybe by now, after several months of complying with her probation, and acting responsibly and professionally, Lindsay Lohan will be facing green lights when it comes to her career.



I think Lindsay Lohan is about the best actress of her generation. Who is her competition? There is Kristen Stewart who is comparable to a piece of wood, and lucky to have landed a commercial venue like the Twilight series. Let's see how well she fares now that is over with. No one else comes to mind at the moment.

But to think that Lindsay was given this opportunity with everything she has suffered with drugs, relationships, including her mother, the poster woman for bad parenting, is enough to say we wish her well. 

Lindsay Lohan is talented, very beautiful, and like the phoenix, pulled herself out from the ashes. 

Fergie once mentioned turning to God when she was trying to get off drugs. Lohan should consider this if she wants to have a prayer of a chance. Amen.

I thoroughly enjoyed this article.

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