Miami Celeb Stylists Mario Silvestri and Andrea Battista on Movember, Handlebar Moustaches, and Don Draper Hair

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We're already more than a week into "Movember," the charity initiative that puts men's facial hair on proud display, and by now you've probably spotted dudes sporting everything from peach fuzz to bristly beards. (Hey, some dudes are hairier than others.) Either way, skipping the shave is a way to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancers, so we salute the sacrifice.

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As part of the Movember mission, Wynwood's newest salon, Junior & Hatter, is partnering with Sloane Square Barbers & Shoppe for a "Stache Bash." Dudes will be able to score haircuts, hot shaves or 'stache maintenance services, and 25 percent of the salon's profits will be donated to the worthy cause.

Ahead of the November 13th event, we spoke to Junior & Hatter's stylist owners, Mario Silvestri and Andrea Battista about their new digs, moustache styles and hipster hairdos (though they hate that term).

Battista moved to Miami from Rome about six years ago, worked at several salons, got an agent and started doing hair for fashion magazines and photo spreads. He was featured in Allure last March.

Silvestri, originally from New York, has also been in Miami for six years. He worked at Contesta Rock Hair on Espanola Way (where he met Battista), then moved on to Sean Donaldson Hair before linking up with Battista.

Cultist: What brought about the Junior & Hatter concept?
Silvestri: Junior and Hatter represent a duality in character. Junior is who we are as people when we're outside and Hatter is a mischievous artist. Like Jekyll and Hyde. Owners putting their names above the door doesn't really sit with either of us. The name behind our brand is more of an idea. The decor of the salon is wood, the furniture is all reclaimed. Everything's also for sale now, we've refurbished a lot of it, it's to keep the salon looking fresh. Us coming into Wynwood was more about what's happening with this neighborhood.

Why did you decide to do this promo for Movember?
Silvestri: I think the concept is really cool. It just seems like a really cool thing, en growing out their moustache. It's a fun thing to do for a good cause. You know, why not? We're two men. The thing is we're definitely not a barber shop, we're a hair salon first and foremost.

Battista: I'd say our clientele is about 50/50 (male/female). We are coming up in the next few months with a lot of events for girls. Since we just opened and it happened to be November, the month for cancer awareness, we thought it would be a fun thing to do.

What are the hot trends in moustaches? And men's hair for that matter?
Silvestri: Moustaches are definitely taking a more WWII type of effect. A big inspiration for me right now is the movie Lawless. They were rocking those handlebar moustaches. Even the haircuts in the movie were super interesting and had a really cool vintage feel about them, but they still look really modern.

Battista: Male fashion right now is more of a manly look than it has been. It's more classic hair, parted to the side, facial hair.

Silvestri: It all started with Mr. Jon Hamm over at Mad Men. It's been going on for a few years, the dapper look with different variations.

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