Miami Celeb Stylists Mario Silvestri and Andrea Battista on Movember, Handlebar Moustaches, and Don Draper Hair

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What are your suggestions for dudes looking to grow out their moustaches who maybe never have before?
Silvestri: Well on November 13th we're having the 'Stache Bash. We're having professional barbers come in and proceeds are going towards Movember. I'd say men should grow their beard out in general and if they come on November 13th, they can have whatever shape they want shaved in. It'll be done professionally with a straight blade. They can enjoy a beer from Duvel, too, they're sponsoring the event, as is Mandarine Napoleon.

Any recommendations for people looking to change their hair for fall/winter?
Silvestri:The trend in New York is go to a little darker, like clothing. The suggestion I have for women is to go darker, it warms them up a little more. For men it's a great time to grow their hair out.

What are some other hot hair trends? Things you recommend to clients?
Silvestri: Ombre hair color has been around for awhile. It's like the LBD of hair color, and means you don't have to be a slave to the salon. There's also the concept of dip-dying like Nikki Minaj. Blonde on the top, green on the bottom, which I think is a little too aggressive.

Battista: The looks are edgy but at the same time, pastel colors, more like soft pinks. It's not like it used to be. Back in the 70s everybody looked the same, now it's very open. It's more whatever you feel like and being in this area we find a lot more inspiration.

Silvestri: Right now I don't think there's anything that's really un-trendy. If you look very '90s, if you do it right, it's on trend. If you look very '80s or '70s -- I think that regardless of what era, if it's done right it's fashionable.

Being in Wynwood, is there a hipster hair stereotype?
Battista: Our clients are not necessarily from Wynwood. Our guests really come from anywhere. It's a new area but it's easy to reach, and everybody loves coming here. To me it's the only really creative area in Miami.

Silvestri: As far as fashion, there are definitely some moustaches. The hair is always pretty cool, undone but looks effortless. With moustaches what we're seeing right now is definitely like the handlebar moustache. Most of our guests are ones we've built previously that are coming because we're here. They're extremely fashion-forward, they have a look about them that seems more effortless. With the word "hipster," I think some people could take offense.

Prices run $45 for a men's haircut, $38 for a shave (which includes hot towels, steam, oil, cleanser and scrub, warm lather and aftershave) and $16 for 'stache maintenance. The 'Stache Bash happens on November 13 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., but the promotion runs all the way through November 30. The salon is located at 2750 NW Third Avenue, and they're open from Tuesday through Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Clients can book appointments at or by calling 305-571-8361.

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