Daniel Craig Talks Bond's Homosexual Past, Charms Our Pants Off

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Francois Duhamel
Yes, his eyes really are that blue in person.
When Daniel Craig confidently strides into the hotel room at the Mandarin Oriental Miami to meet with us, he is wearing a perfectly tailored suit with a pocket square, not unlike how James Bond dresses in Skyfall, the latest installment opening Friday.

He adjusts his watchband in a way that hints it may have slipped out of place while snapping the neck of a would-be assassin out in the hallway. The watch is an Omega, the same kind James Bond wears, and though there's probably some sort of contractual obligation here, the watch looks just right on Daniel Craig. Everything about him looks right. His eyes are bluer than they are on film and when he takes a seat across the table from us, there seems something so cool about sitting that we silently vow to never stand again.

Consider what it is about Daniel Craig that is so incredibly charming. For starters, it's his craft. It's clear that he does the Bond films not for a paycheck but because he's keenly interested in making high quality and unique entertainment. That's why he brought director Sam Mendes on board.

"I saw him at a party and offered him the job," he says, "which wasn't my place to do. One too many drinks. If it hadn't worked out, I could have always blamed the booze."

But Craig has a natural instinct for Bond; it's charm factor number two. He's credited for bringing a depth to the character that, he says, has been in the material all along.

"You read the books," he says, no doubt imaging the two of us reading Ian Fleming's novels in matching armchairs beside a fireplace, "and they were written a long time ago so I suppose they're dated. But they still stand up as good reads. Fleming really does explore the character. There's a lot of self-doubt there, and he kills people for a living, so it bothers him."

When someone else in the room -- an intruder on our private moment -- points out that Roger Moore recently called Craig the best James Bond of them all, Craig is chuffed. He laughed, "We love Roger!" And we found ourselves loving Roger, too.

"It's very nice," Craig said, very nicely. "He's a lovely, lovely man, Roger. He was the first James Bond I ever saw in the cinema, so I have a real affinity to him and a real soft spot for Roger. And he's also a gentleman but, you know, I pay him well."

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