Daniel Craig Talks Bond's Homosexual Past, Charms Our Pants Off

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Francois Duhamel
Which brings up of the most interesting scenes in the film, when a tied up Bond faces off with Javier Bardem's flamboyant villain. As they try to shock and disorient each other, James Bond implies that somewhere in his past, he had a homosexual encounter. This had to be during the Roger Moore years, right?

"The scene you're talking about," Craig replied, handsomely and with a certain wistfulness as he locked eyes with us, "I think you'll find that they're just playing. They're fucking with each other. And to call Javier Bardem's character gay or anything would be shortsighted because I think he's a megalomaniac and all that goes along with that."

Yeah, yeah, yeah. But when was the last time he was by himself, walking past a full-length mirror and turned to it, going pe-chew! pe-chew! with a finger gun?

"I've never done that."

Not even when he first got the role?

"No, no. I've never done that. I do it with my friends sometimes, exactly as you just did." Even though he only said "you," it was magical to hear him say our name like that.

As our time with Daniel Craig winds down, he says something that almost sounds like he wants to take a trip with us somewhere. He's talking about how after weeks of shooting indoor talking scenes, "Sometimes it's a nice break to go outside and jump on top of a train. It's actually quite refreshing and you feel better for it."

But before we can get the Metrorail app up on our phone to show him the schedule, his publicist is escorting him out of the room. All we're left with is the doodle he made on the pad in front of him, and the promise of those blue eyes shining in the dark of the matinee.

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