The Real Housewives of Miami, Episode 10: Models, Make-ups, and Meals from Hell

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For this special Sunday presentation of Real Housewives of Miami, we all find ourselves at the model beach volleyball tournament -- an event we actually had the pleasure of attending last year. (Well, it was a pleasure for at least the first 10 minutes, after which we realized we needed to get our fat ass to the gym ASAP. You've seen Joanna Kruapa's body, right? Imagine hundreds of that running around.)

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After some volleyball was played, Joanna and Romain decided to work out their lovers' quarrel. Ladies, we hope you watch this show and realize what their relationship is: fake. We aren't saying they don't genuinely love each other, but normal wedding engagements don't work like this. When you are as hot as Miss Krupa, you can act a hot mess at any gathering and all will be forgiven with just a simple stroll on the beach.

In other news, we honestly can't decide whether we want to adopt Karent Sierra, or to slap the smile right off her face. Sure, she is a nice person. Yet, as Lisa poured her heart out to Karent regarding her miscarriages, Karent couldn't stop talking about herself and her uterus -- all while smiling, of course. What would really win us over is one simple frown. Just one! Oh and if we never saw her with the goddamns birds again, that would be best.

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