Seven '80s Movies That Hollywood Could Remake

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In honor of today's release of remade '80s hit Red Dawn we thought we'd compile a list of other movies from the 1980s that could use a modern touch up. Hollywood has already ruined such classics like Total Recall and Footloose, but don't worry, there's plenty more of your favorites to be chewed and regurgitated like a mama bird feeding her young.

Red Dawn's paltry attempt to replace Patrick Swayze with Chris Hemsworth is a long cry from suitable. Until Hemsworth stars in a remake of Dirty Dancing, or a movie where he pulls out a guy's throat in the middle of a lakeside fist-fight, we'll be clamoring for the original. So following suit, here's a list of potential remake films that will excite '80s film fans even though we all know they'll fall desperately short of appeasing film nostalgia.

1. Robocop
The familiar chin of the cybernetic super-hero that spawned video games, cartoons, and endless TV series is severely missing in today's current onscreen wonders. Imagine all the things that cinematic technology could do with Paul Verhoeven's Franksteinian center of robotic moral absolutism. Thankfully, Hollywood already has their hooks in this one, with the newest incarnation of Robocop set to be released in 2014. And Samuel Jackson is in it. That's right, motherf*ckers.

2. Weekend at Bernie's
There are definitely not enough movies involving corpse horseplay anymore. Any number of actors could qualify to play Bernie Lomax, the lovable deadman that always found himself in the middle of trouble, but wouldn't the perfect fill in be defeated Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney? A morally slippery corporate stiff who is trying to screw over the little guy?

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