Seven '80s Movies That Hollywood Could Remake

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3. The Breakfast Club
The importance of The Breakfast Club wouldn't be the movie itself, but all the different young Hollywood actors and actresses that could be crammed into the film. Think of it as The Expendables for teens. Justin Beiber as the jock, Chris Hemsworth as the criminal, Lindsay Lohan as the basket-case, Jonah Hill as the brain, and Emma Stone as the princess. But, since this is a remake for 2012, throw in as many young movie stars as possible in desperate attempt to pump box office numbers: Taylor Lautner, Chris Evans, Mila Kunis, Olivia Wilde, and Ryan Reynolds all filling in different made up roles. Plus Robert Downey, Jr. as the principal.

Oh, and it's a musical. With Vampires. That are broke. And want to run for President. That have a baby...

4. Weird Science
The only way that a new Weird Science could ever top the original Weird Science is if Seth Rogan and James Franco remade it as a semi-continuation of Pineapple Express. Somehow the two stoners work their way into being computer geniuses and create a perfect woman who really, really, really loves to smoke weed.

The truly difficult part would be casting the new super hot computer generated Lisa played so masterfully by Kelly LeBrock in the original. We'd put our money behind The Hunger Games' Jennifer Lawrence, but could easily see a real twist of the character behind Zooey Daschanel or another "wacky" actress.

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