Seven '80s Movies That Hollywood Could Remake

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5. Mannequin
Call it a love affair with Andrew McCarthy, but that loveable mop-top was in so many great movies it's almost unfair. He has at least two films where he had to act opposite inanimate objects, and that's not even including the films he did with Molly Ringwald. At least if Mannequin's remake is done by putting Andrew McCarthy in a more mature role, he'll be used to acting opposite today's Hollywood blockheads and the new Mannequin could easily be Kristen Stewart or Megan Fox.

6. Can't Buy Me Love
Let's close our eyes and remember a time when Patrick Dempsey wasn't known as Dr. McDreamy, but instead was a gangly little nerdy that was so lovably cute that he could seduce women with his mighty telescope. Truthfully, Dempsey may be such a hard to come by commodity, the only hope that any film remaker could have to capture the essence of the loveable nerd is throwing a pair of scotch taped glasses on Zach Efron and hoping nobody notices what's really behind them.

7. E.T.

Steve Buscemi. 'Nuff said.

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