South Beach to Host 200 Vintage Photos of The Beatles and the Rolling Stones During Art Basel

Photo by Bob Bonis /
John Lennon in the lockerroom at Busch Memorial Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri, August 21, 1966
Marion brought up a great point about rock n' roll memorabilia during our conversation by positing that these pictures, unlike so many before them, are raw and completely unstaged.

"Virtually all the photos that we have come to treasure over the years have been been staged by professional photographers. The pictures are wonderful, but they aren't real. Bob's pictures have a candid, fly-on-the wall nature to them. He captures not just their jobs as musicians, but their lives as everyday people."

With support from Alex Bonis, Marion established Not Fade Away Gallery in New York City, which unveiled 76 of the photos for the first time. Next came the two books, published by Harper Collins. Now Miami will get its taste of the "lost" photos at Art Basel with its own special premiere: a handful of the 200 photos in the Art Basel exhibit will be on display for the first time ever.

The photos will encompass the entirety of the Betsy Hotel, taking over the walls of the Betsy's hallways, lobby and adjoining restaurant, BLT Steak. The Betsy-South Beach has made a name for itself as a cultural and artistic epicenter in our fair city, and this exhibition will prove no different.

Although "The Lost Beatles and The Lost Rolling Stones Photographs" will be on display for several months following Art Basel, Marion will be on hand during Art Basel week only, to give guided tours and speak to visitors about the photographs. All of the prints will be on sale as fine art limited editions, for those of you that can afford it. Or if you're like us, you'll be there because not only is this event free, it will be one of the coolest events at Art Basel for music lovers. And we definitely need to see this Mick Jagger red Speedo pic up close and personal.

Photo by Bob Bonis /
Mick Jagger watches The Rolling Stones performing on the Red Skelton Show in October, 1964
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The Betsy Hotel

1440 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL

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