Wynwood Art Walk November 2012 in Pictures

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Crowd gathers for street dance performance
If December is a perfect storm of tourist money, then November's Wynwood Art Walk was a busy, local scene. A bustling NW Second Avenue hosted thousands of pairs of feet tromping through the city, spending dollars, and soaking up the creative atmosphere. The streets were a canvas for manic expression, and excitement thundered through the night. Here are a few shows we checked out.

Outside of Jude Papaloko's Jakmel Gallery, a house DJ played sidewalk shaking bangers. Inside, Papaloko said it was because "I don't like to eat by myself. I like to share the spot with everybody. One love."

Of the piece above, he says, "This is Toussaint, the liberator of Haiti, the mastermind of the Haitian revolution."

Wilfrid Daleus, of Daleus Museum and Art Gallery in North Miami, showed off his 3d painting of the back of a woman's head. "In my country, we celebrate the woman's hair. But this woman doesn't have enough, so you can see she is going bald."

Papaloko explains that he paints "African beings, the underworld, cemeteries, Guedes, and Goddesses of the ocean, Earth, and moon." The one below is the Goddess of The Earth.

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