Architecture for Dogs Opening: Canine Models, Chihuahua Space Suits, and Cute Overload (Photos)

Arch for Dogs
"Architecture for Dogs: this is only the start," world-renowned Japanese designer Kenya Hara, said as part of his introduction to the furriest, friendliest exhibit this side of Art Basel. And from what this reporter's seen, he's not kidding. For this project, artists all over the world have taken doggie design to the next level, mixing designer furniture with humanity's never ending appreciation for canine camaraderie.

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Kenya Hara
The Design District lucked out, as Architecture for Dogs put on its first-ever showing with Design Miami/ after the launch of its companion website on November 15. The Buena Vista Building looked breezy and chic as 13 breed-specific pieces by Hara's designers prominently displayed the future of doggy style. Furniture, that is.

After three months of serious preparation, the project was ready for its Basel debut. We saw puppy houses reminiscent of the Jetsons, bright orange shelter suits designed so dogs can step out of the house without ever actually leaving it, and intricate wooden structures designed for lounge and play. Remarkably, each installation holds its own.

Space Chihuahua
"I wanted to explain to the architects [that this project] was not just about dog houses; it was architecture for dogs, which could mean anything," Hara said.

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