Borscht Film Festival: The Good, the Bad, and the WTF

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The Not-So-Good

Sea Devil
Calavera's story of a creature from the deep who boards a fishing vessel smuggling two Cuban refugees into Miami was beautifully shot. But it was also a bit too vague to get its point across. Its conclusion, implying some scary force rising up from the waters below, would've been climactic if we'd had any idea of what it might be.

Soul O
Three douchebags in a limo, passing joints, congratulating themselves on their pathetic rap skills, and generally making us hate them. This is really only acceptable to watch if at least one of these fools dies in a satisfyingly blood-splattered scene. Spoiler alert: That doesn't happen.

The Voice Thief
It's not that Adan Jodorowsky's highly anticipated film starring Asia Argento doesn't look good. It looks great, in fact, from the trailer that Borscht screened Saturday night. But that's all we got -- a trailer. And we're greedy, so.

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