Borscht Film Festival: The Good, the Bad, and the WTF

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The WTF Moments

The Apocalypse
The Borscht intro to Andrew Zuchero's film pointed out that it's not explicitly about Miami, but is also totally about Miami: "Think about it." Then people's heads started exploding, literally, and Borscht was correct.

Several audience members told me that Julian Yuri Rodriguez's depiction of an underground fighting ring in Miami was their favorite film of the night, and it's easy to understand why -- it's gorgeous to look at, suspenseful as it moves from a marriage proposal on a deserted street down into the city's underbelly, and overall engrossing as hell. But there's also a pretty brutal scene in the middle that plays like a Miami version of The Accused, making it hard to watch, at least for a few minutes. "Trigger warning" only begins to describe it.

Pineal Warriors: Supermeng 1
Hey, it's Blowfly! He's still delightful, as is Otto von Schirach. Who are the Pineal Warriors? Who are they fighting? Where is this happening? Who cares, shut up, this is fun.

Miami 1996
I didn't grow up in Miami, so you're going to have to fill me in: Did all house parties in 1996 end with some guy getting his head crushed by a car? Because WHAT JUST HAPPENED THERE, Nick Corirossi? P.S. Loved it.

Hey, remember this?

Betcha didn't think this Sundance-accepted film would feature Jillian Mayer riding a water jet pack in the nude. Or that its "MegaMegaUpload" theme song would be stuck in your head for the rest of your natural life. Can we get that in a ringtone?

UPDATE: Village Voice's Michael Musto also attended the Borscht Film Festival. Check out his experiences here.

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