Crackhead Katana: Behind the Scenes of Borscht's Epic Bloody Movie (Photos)

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Crackhead kills hipster with samurai blade in front of Panther Coffee
Crackhead Katana is the story of a drug-addicted vigilante who finds a samurai blade and a bunch of self-defense manuals in a dumpster next to a dead body. He's a natural with the sword, and soon takes to the streets to unleash bloody vengeance on Miami.

We caught up with the production filming Tuesday afternoon in Wynwood. Though we didn't get to witness the face burning, explosion, or building fall wire scenes, we did see the title character murder a hipster. The Borscht-commissioned movie is directed by local stunt man Eric Mainade, stars his fellow stunt worker Justice Maynard, and features plenty of action courtesy of new upstart Dade County Stunt Rigging Rescue. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the production.

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Old school Miami DJs Jon Weiss and Joe Cain on set.

Crucial audio by sound engineer Mike Pijuan's Big Ears Audio.

Joe Caine plays a pissed off homeless dude, gets ready for his big speaking part.

Grip/electric worker Alonzo Jackson, Director of Photography Juan Camilo Barriga, and Producer Jonathan Kane line up the shot, with Justice Maynard in the background.


Director Eric Mainade points to the building local gallerist Brook Dorsch is thrown from in a scene we missed the filming of that same morning.

The Crackhead Katana gets fired up. Rock on!

Now he's pissed...


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