Ten Swanky Art Basel Parties You're Not Invited To

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Oh. Wait. You're not Owen Wilson? Yeah, you're not on the list.
Over 680 artists and exhibitors tried to gain acceptance into Art Basel; only 257 made it. That's about a 62 percent rejection rate. Ouch.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of Art Basel events going on throughout the week, but the best make 62 percent rate of rejection look like nothing. But hey, just like the 400 or so exhibitors that didn't make the cut, there's no harm in trying. Maybe your inner teenager is searching for validation. Maybe you think bending over in you're super short skirt will grant you entrance. Or maybe you're plotting to break in the back door. Whatever your motivation, we have ten of the best invite-only parties of Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 after the jump. Just remember: chances are, you're probably not getting in.

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Meet the Princess.
Arts Club Welcome Reception Hosted by Princess Alia Al Senussi
The princess, a member of the Libyan royal family, may be exiled (most likely permanently), but she can still throw a very exclusive party. A promoter of Middle Eastern art, her event takes place at the W South Beach tonight. Unless you figure out a way to pose as former Libyan security -- if such a thing still exists -- you're most likely not getting in.

Le Baron
Unless you have a party specific GPS tracker, you're going to have a tough time getting into this Paris nightclub reincarnation. Formerly held at the Delano, the party is hitting the road this year. The late-night parties will be held at different locations every night from December 4 through 9. To track the parties down, you need to download the Where is Le Baron iPhone app or check out the Twitter, Facebook, or website. Each night's location will be disclosed at 6pm. If you're not technologically inclined, it's not going to happen.

Silencio at FDR
Another Parisienne club is taking over from Le Baron's old spot. David Lynch's Silencio is heading to the FDR at the Delano December 4 though 8. The pop-up is based on the members only Paris club, which itself is based on Club Silencio in Lynch's Mulholland Drive. Confused by the concept? Don't worry, you should be more confused by how to get in.

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