Sugar and Gomorrah: Peter Anton's Roller Coaster Features Nearly Nude Couples and Giant Candy (Photos)

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Hannah Sentenac
Sugar and sex have made for an epic combination since American Pie's Jim and his junk took on that infamous apple pie. (Ok, maybe even before that.)

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Sugar and Gomorrah, Peter Anton's carnival coaster, set up across from the Art Miami fair in Midtown, takes a cue from this timeless pairing. The result is like a sexy, sugary ride through the bowels of hell.

The garish yellow tent sits smack dab in the middle of Midtown, covered in nude cartoons, giant cake slices, and the apt words, "Too much is never enough." Ain't that the truth, Baselites?

Laine Doss
The ride itself is a 30-second jarring jaunt, straight out of the questionable carnivals of your youth (all that's missing is a carnie at the helm).

Undoubtedly, they pulled the whole contraption straight from the cast-off bin at Santa's Enchanted Forest. It's rickety, loud and more than a little scary. Those over six feet, beware. The entrance tunnel is so low, a few forehead slams are likely in order.

(Side note: watching chicks in sky-high stilettos and absurdly overdone evening wear teeter into the cramped carts is wildly entertaining. Think of it as unintentional performance art.)

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Art Miami Pavilion

3101 NE 1st Ave., Miami, FL

Category: General

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