"F*ck" Art: Art Basel's Most Pornographic Exhibit, Courtesy of Betty Tompkins (NSFW)

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We all know that art is subjective, but artist Betty Tompkins proves that one teenager's sophomoric doodle is another person's work of art.

The M Building in Wynwood features Tompkins "F*ck" series -- large scale photorealistic renderings of heterosexual intercourse. We'd like to make something clear -- by "photorealistic renderings of heterosexual intercourse," we mean money shots. Tomkins' works on paper feature close-ups of anal, vaginal, and double penetration, as well as solo appearances by penises and vaginas. Her images look as if they were surreptitiously sketched in composition notebooks during Algebra class -- except for one fact: Unlike most teenage boys' pornographic etchings, Tompkins work does actually possess artistic merit.

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When you're staring at one of Tompkins images, it almost seems to come to life due to the accuracy which with she captures the human form. And that realism can be a bit disconcerting, when the image is that of an enormous penis surrounded by a bushel of pubic hair. Of course, that's the point isn't it? Just don't take your mom to this exhibit, is all we're saying - unless she happens to be a a) a hippie, b) Courtney Love, or c) Gloria Steinem.

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Regardless of the reception her work receives or the controversy it stirs, Cultist officially declares "Fuck" as the Most Pornographic Event at Art Basel 2012. Tompkins can pick up her award at David Lynch's contribution to Miami during Art Basel, Silencio, a version of his Parisian nightclub right here in Miami (don't worry - we're hooking you up with more info soon).

"Fuck" will be on exhibit from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the M Building (194 NW 30 St., Miami) during Art Basel (Dec. 5 - 9), with an opening reception tomorrow from 6 p.m. to midnight. Visit thembuilding.com.

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