The Girls of Graffiti: Female Street Artists Tag Wynwood's Walls During Art Basel

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Presa Hall is from New York and was painting her first mural in Wynwood where we caught up with her across the street from Panther Coffee.

Presa Hall reflected in a car window
"I'm really inspired by the beauty of the female form," she said.

"I like it here so much that I might stay."

Hitting the streets
"Some women may be afraid of the physical labor in painting an 18' wall, but I think it's good to tackle big projects like this."

"Miami is definitely a sexy place that embraces femininity. This piece is called Embrace Miami and it includes a poem I wrote as a way to thank the city."


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@Lovenotesnyc fuck yeah! Congrats


Sara, the goal of this post is to highlight the great work women street artists were doing during Basel. Our writer never objectifies them or refers to any of them as "sexy," and they're all fully clothed. Plus, the story shows, in photos, exactly what they've contributed -- the murals. I'm sorry the story offends you, but respectfully, I don't see where your criticism is coming from.

Wendy Yajhayra Maria
Wendy Yajhayra Maria

Loved seeing more #Women artist working on murals this year in #wynwood #Girlpower #ART #Miami

Sara Burke
Sara Burke

This article is really bad. Absolutely no meat whatsoever. "Hi i'm a sexy girl and i make sexy girl graffiti." When someone titles something with "women" you infer that there is something important about the role of women. Yet this article said nothing of any historical importance. nothing about how women have contributed or innovared aside from how they like to paint half naked. thats offensive. Try writing something a little more in depth next time or dont take up the subject of woman at all.


@MiamiMondays @MiamiNewTimes @CultistMiami Standup Philosophy and Sit Down Shenanigans! tonight @Hollemans1 #comedy #dielaughing #funny


@Cultist I see where she's coming from. The title "Girls" tagged to grown women of obvious talent is off putting, especially when coupled with the rather unfortunate "lust at first sight" sexy depot Miami background. But that's an oversensitive view in my opinion. I can think of worse epitaphs .. Want me to have a go at it? How about "Taggetes""Paint Princesses," or "Tag Angels" lol? 0_o  I've seen it all. Call them what they are... Artists. Powerful female artists. A better title? How about "Challenge: Accepted- Female Street Artists Tag Wynwood's Walls During Art Basel"

And stop referring to the artists as "girls." That would fix the issues the article has. 
That said... I mean... eh. Minor quibbles.  It's a good article I think, and refreshing to see ladies killing a traditionally male art form. :)

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