Goodbye, Kim and Kourtney! The Ten Greatest Miami Kardashian Moments of 2012

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World Red Eye courtesy of Divine Delicacies
Well, that's a wrap. Kourtney & Kim Take Miami has finished shooting, and its stars are back in L.A., in the arms of Kanye West or fighting with Scott Disick or whatever it is reality stars do in those rare off-camera moments.

Say what you will about their questionable talent, vapid personalities, and ridiculously plump backsides. But you can't deny those Kardashian girls know how to make a headline. From rap fights to dinner scandals to accepting the keys to the city, during their stay in Miami this year, the Kardashians made their mark on the 305 -- for better or worse.

Check out our top ten Miami Kardashian moments after the jump.

The Kardashians in North Miami.
10. Miami Beach Boots Kim and Kourtney
To think, it could all have been over before it even began. The Kardashians planned to film their show in a mansion on Bay Road or the Sunset or DiLido Isles. But an ordinance requires residents to sign off on film projects of that magnitude, and Kardashians' world-be neighbors refused to sign off. Get off our lawn, temptresses! Which, of course, led to....

9. "OMG, Kim Kardashian Lives in the Ghetto Now!"
After getting denied in Miami Beach, the Kardashians relocated to a mansion in a gated community in North Miami, giving the very sensitive writers at several national blogs a series of fainting spells at the thought of precious Kim living near -- wait for it -- a 7-11. Bitches, please.

8. World War Three: Kardashians vs. North Miami Residents
After film crews allegedly blocked streets and disrupted the lives of their neighbors, one North Miami resident claimed the Kardashians' production was "starting a war" with its community. (That allegation came from the same guy trying -- and failing -- to charge the TV crew hundreds of dollars to park in his lot, naturally.) Just another drama-filled day in the life of a reality star.

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