#ArtBaselProblems Is Now a Thing on Twitter

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Is this what they mean by a "champagne cleanse"?
You know what's worse than finding out the Art Basel show you're at doesn't have an open bar?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing is worse than that.

This week Art Basel takes #FirstWorldProblems to a whole other level. Celebutantes and wannabe Miami hotshots have taken to complaining (ironically or not) on Twitter about how miserable a weekend full of art is making their lives. So we decided to do a little top ten roundup of the most ridiculous -- and, okay, funny -- #ArtBaselProblems.

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As though herpes weren't already enough of a problem in Miami. Thank you, Overheard Miami citizen, for doing your part.Wait -- A-Rod likes art?!It's called FOMO, or the Fear of Missing Out, and if you're fretting and pulling your hair out over which Art Basel show, event, or extravaganza to go to, then you're feeling it.

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